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Energy Systems Catapult
7th Floor, Cannon House
18 Priory Queensway
Birmingham B4 6BS


For urgent enquiries or to speak to a member of the ERIS team

+44 (0) 121 203 3700

Sub-contract Services

For any enquiries regarding additional sub-contract services, Jon Horsley, Technical Liaison Manager, will be delivering support around this offering. Please direct these enquiries to the Additional Services mailbox.

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Technical Liaison Managers

All Technical Liaison Managers can be reached at the Direct Services mailbox. Please include your project name in the subject line, so we can easily tell which project your email relates to.

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About the programme

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ERIS is part of Energy Systems Catapult, an independent, technology-agnostic organisation, focused on creating demand pull for energy systems innovation by removing barriers and opening new markets. ERIS exists to respond to the integration challenge, to break down the siloed thinking that stands in the way of sustainable new smart local energy markets.

Our vision for ERIS is:

“To create sustained impact by making Prospering from the Energy Revolution – a step towards implementing the UK’s industrial strategy – greater than the sum of its parts in support of creating sustainable smart local energy systems.”

ERIS will draw on ESC’s strong portfolio of capabilities, assets and highly skilled people to fulfil its vision and help to drive theProspering from the Energy Revolution (PFER) programme, and projects, forward.

Our main activities include:

  • Embedding whole system awareness by providing guidance and support to projects in understanding their integration challenges and how they might address them
  • Co-creating consistent approaches to addressing barriers to smart local energy systems and sharing learning, through a community that we build with programme participants
  • Inviting in key stakeholders (e.g. investors, policy makers, regulators, consumer groups) to join the community and ensure wider stakeholders are informed of the lessons being learnt
  • Providing independent, objective evidence about the risks and opportunities of implementing smart local energy systems, including insights in to how well they meet the PFER aims, how investable they are, the integration challenges that must be addressed, and the sensitivities of propositions to location
  • Ensuring that approaches developed are useful beyond the life of the programme

Our Team

The Catapult has a dedicated core ERIS team led by the ERIS programme director, Eva Gromadzki.

Each project will be assigned a dedicated Technical Liaison Manager – supporting the creation of an open, collaborative and innovative environment. Find out more about the ERIS team below.

Eva Gromadzki, ERIS Director

Eva brings over 20 years’ experience in the sector to the Catapult, previously as General Manager of SME renewable businesses, and prior to that performed senior leadership roles within a major utility company, E.ON.

Eva combines breadth of perspective with a strong focus on adding value and delivery. She has a broad range of strategic and commercial experience, and a track record in driving collaboration to successfully change and improve new and growth business areas, both in the UK and internationally.

She is delighted to be leading the ERIS contribution to Smart Local Energy Systems and is keen to work with programme participants to make a positive sustainable impact.

Jim Lott, Technical Liaison Lead

Jim brings a challenging approach to systemic transformation in the energy sector. He is particularly focused on finding common approaches and ways of working that move innovations from idea to scaled investable products.

Prior to joining ESC, Jim worked in engineering consulting roles within the energy sector for a decade. Working with clients at all scales and on a range of technologies and informational approaches, he understands combining viewpoints and outcomes can tackle barriers to innovation.

Anna Stegman, Technical Liaison Manager

Anna is passionate about exploring novel ideas that have potential to impact the UKs energy system and can help reach its climate targets.

Prior to joining the Catapult, Anna was completing an engineering doctorate (EngD) with the Industrial Centre for Offshore Renewable Energy (IDCORE) at Energy Technologies Institute (ETI). The research project involved using structured innovation methodsMethods things that do to improve the commercial attractiveness of wave energy, including whole systems analysis. Previously she worked as a project engineer for a commercial diving company and has an MEng in Civil Engineering from University of Warwick.

Matt Blackmur, Technical Liaison Manager

Matt specialises in developing integrated and collaborative approaches to solving extant and emergent engineering challenges in the energy sector. His emphases on stakeholder engagement and accessible technical communications maximise the value delivered by programme consortia.

Joining ESC from the nuclear sector, Matt has spent five years providing agile engineering and scientific consultancy services to Governmental and commercial organisations. With a demonstrable history of innovative industrial problem solving, Matt is experienced with delivering solutions in highly regulated environments. He has a Doctorate in Materials from the University of Manchester.

Jon Horsley, Technical Liaison Manager

Jon brings a broad experience in the energy and transport sector to his role at Energy Systems Catapult, as well as an insider’s view of grant-funding programmes from five years as Lead Technologist at InnovateUK and as Programme Director of the BEIS-funded Digital Engineering & Test Centre.

Jon’s industrial experience covers electric, hybrid, and alternatively-fuelled vehicle engineering, and renewable energy projects in East Anglia. He offers a holistic approach to supporting ISCF PFER projects with the extensive range of capabilities available from Energy Systems Catapult and aims to deliver the best combination of services to each project to maximise projects’ effectiveness.

Donna Gandy-Wright, Senior Project Manager

Donna is a hands-on, results driven Senior Programme/Project Manager, who has operated within complex multinational, remote and dynamic environments within the Energy and Telcomms sectors.

Donna has over 25 years’ experience in delivering new technology products, systems and tools, and has successfully established programme teams and their associated processes to deliver complex projects and programmes in a multi-national environment. Prior to joining the Catapult, Donna worked for the Energy Technology Institute (ETI) where she was responsible for Smart

Systems and Heat projects. She holds a BEng (hons) in Engineering (Electronics) from Coventry University.

Louisa Grocott, Communications & Marketing Lead

Louisa brings almost a decade’s experience in developing and delivering marketing and communications strategies across the private and public sectors to the Catapult, and prior to this, worked for regional and global PR consultancies, representing large corporations in the property and energy sectors.

Louisa is focussed on ensuring the true value of the Catapult’s role in ERIS is captured and communicated through the best channels. She is a strong promoter of collaboration and is looking forward to working with ERIS Technical Account Managers and project consortia to extract engaging stories, learnings and insights that together, will make the programme greater than the sum of its parts.